Your corporate premises, plants and facilities are your business. They are the ultimate sources of your income and revenue. With an increasingly hostile natural environment, including the risk of floods and fires, rising crime rates, the threats to a company’s operations are greater than ever. The consequences of property damage are wide-ranging and the potential loss from business interruption to reduced productivity, can be devastating to your business.

Property insurance protects businesses against the financial consequences of physical damage to property and other “tangible assets” from fire, flood, theft etc. It also cover the financial losses that a company experiences as a result of such incidents.

We understands the importance and value of your business property and operations. So we will work with you to help you prevent losses, protect what matters and help you stay in business. 

Industries we cover include:

Real Estate

Offices, Shopping malls, Hotels, Hospitality, Restaurant chains, Public entities


Manufacturing, Mining, Hi-tech, Heavy metal industries, Agri-industries, Telecoms, Food


Railroads – passenger and freight, Transit authorities, Airports and ports