Claim Management

We understand that in the unfortunate event of a claim, you will want your claims to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently, to reduce the impact of a loss and to minimize interruption on the day to day running of your business.

Having this in mind, we consider claims service to be an essential part of our commitment. We consider successful negotiation of claims and their prompt collection to be our priority and we therefore are fully involved in all aspects of claims negotiation and in selection of any potential lead insurer.

We respond quickly to claim notification, serve as a central point of contact between underwriters and loss control teams, facilitate communications, assist in the resolution of issues and in mitigating losses.

We ensure that claims are reported to insurers promptly and dealt with fairly, with a view to securing a prompt and satisfactory settlement on your behalf.

In addition, we assist to develop claims management program, implement programs and procedures in partnership with you and claims administrator and monitor the outcome of these programs to fuel improved performance.

Claim Management